Don’t cook me, bro!


Stop! My pointe shoes are in there!

You never can tell what middle-of-the-night cookery PoorPapa, or worse BoyMowgli, will want to get into, so it’s best to err on the side of caution.

I bought, sewed and prepped my new Spotlights yesterday (all on the same day, I deserve a cookie) so I could wear them to class today, but for a couple of reasons, I’m trying to breath just enough life back into my previous pair to get my though this pesky recital on Wednesday.

Primarily, the stage at school, is wood… painted black… so needs rosin… and leaves black paint residue on my shoes… I COULD wear my new shoes, they’ll be fine after class today and Tuesday, but I have to take them back onto the Marley at TBS, so…

On went the oven.

Out came the Future Floor Wax.

Off went the oven.

In went the old shoes for an overnight rest.

If nothing else, they smell wonderful now… here’s hoping they can get me through three quick performances on Wednesday morning before join their sisters in that big pointe shoe back in the sky.


Found it… I hope…

So back in the day (when dinosours roamed the earth and the choices in pointe shoes were Capezios, Capezios, Capezios, and ugly Blochs), we used to use Future Floor Wax to shellac the insides of our boxes. It was the most perfect thing as it slightly hardened them but also temporarily waterproofed them, delaying the inevitable break-down from sweat and heat… plus it gave them a lovely citrusy sent in the insides… which is a nice improvement to the usual inside of ballet bag aroma.


“THEY DON’T MAKE FUTURE FLOOR WAX ANYMORE” This was the lovely older woman at the DanceShop this weekend. (What?!?! How can that be? Did only dancers use this stuff? People waxed their floors with it, right?) She was backed up by the really beautiful, highly competent, seventeen-year-old pre-pro from The Ballet School who did my fitting and had never heard of such a thing and suggested JetGlue.

Not so easily thwarted, I turned to the interwebs… so easy… THEY TOTALLY STILL MAKE IT! They have changed the name and packaging twice in the last ten of fifteen years which is probably what threw dancers off (nobody wants to try something that might ruin their shoes) but per PC Johnson ALL are the same product. They were marketing changes not formula changes.  I will be picking some up today!!!


Pledge Floor Care Multi Surface FINISH.  (Be sure to get “finish” not “cleaner”… that’s the difference between the old Future Wax and the old pledge floor soap).  It should have a pair of blue rain boots on the front.  I’m going to try it on the dead ones to make sure customer service hasn’t steered me wrong.  Fingers crossed!

Everything old is new again.

Took myself and BoyMowgli to the DanceShop yesterday to get me my first pair of replacement pointe shoes since returning to pointe last month.  I had really thought/hoped that my shoes would last me closer to a few months (more like a beginning pointe student) but that was not to be.  The fitter who sold me my first pair warned me they’d need replacing sooner than I expected… I guess we all know who was right and who was wrong.  Oh well.

I tried hard to like a different shoe. I  tried everything they had and took every suggestion, but despite the quickness with which they broke down, my Suffolk Spotlights are just the most COMFORTABLE pointe shoe I’ve found.

I paid the cobbler and sent them to the back room to have a plastic arch support added to the shank, and got them a half width narrower, so hopefully I can get these to last a bit longer.

I’m also doing absolutely NOTHING to break them in (I mean I’m trying not to even look at them sideways) outside of class!

And if I can get my hands on some old school Future Floor Wax I might be able to bring the old ones back to life enough to use them for barre and use these as a center only pair.